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Substrates to make an ideal growing medium, tailor- made to match your planting needs

We make customized coco grow bags to facilitate successful plant cultivation

Our products are manufactured using the finest raw materials sourced from within Sri Lanka

Bale and low compressed bag products with ideal porosity for perfect air water -retaining capabilities

We understand that customer and substrate quality requirements vary. That is why we tailor- make our products to cater to your needs

About Boumy Lanka
About Us

We are coir experts and we care about our customers as leading Coco Peat exporters in Sri Lanka

With growing concern about environmental sustenance and horticulture, the use of coir products as a plant growing medium industry has proven to be of immense value in the agriculture industry moving forward. All products are derived from the coconut husk and whilst being completely biodegradable also helps provide optimum conditions for plant growing substrate as a leading Coco Peat Exporter in Sri Lanka.

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Customized substrates

The ideal growth substrate requirements vary for the cultivation of different plants. Through our customization process, we enable buyers to mix elements from a range of the finest coco peats, piths and husk products available within our product line; creating a final substrate medium which will be ideal for the buyer’s cultivation needs. We will also provide our expertise in the agricultural sector for selecting ideal growth media; weighing in on ideal porosity, drainage capacities, pH and EC values for the perfect growth media for your cultivation of choice,

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Our Products

Our product range includes coco peat, coconut husk chips and milled fiber; which are all also available in mixed form

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