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Coco Peat Products

About coco peat

Coco peat or coco pith is traditionally a by-product of the coconut fiber extraction process, during which retting bacteria are used on the baked coconut husks. Natural well washed coco peat consists of a very low content of water-soluble elements which makes it ideal as a growing medium.In addition, coconut husks are directly sliced and crushed into various sizes to produce coarser versions of coco peat. Coco peat in all its forms and consistencies are now used in almost all of the agricultural sectors of most countries at levels ranging from advanced greenhouse farming to traditional in-field crop growth.

Technical properties of cocopeat include:

  • pH :5.2-6.8
  • Electrical conductivity (1:1:5 Volume extraction method):between 200 - 2000 μs/cm
  • Organic carbon matter (W/W, dry basis, %) :45-50%
  • Lignin W/W, dry basis, % :45-50
  • Cellulose (W/W, dry basis, %); 65-70
  • Carbon: Nitrogen ration = 110:1
  • Water holding capacity (of dry weight): x8-9 times
  • Air filled porosity (V/V, %): 10-20
  • Total pore space(V/V, %) 94-96
  • Appearance: earthy, granular and fibrous
  • Color: light to dark brown
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