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About Us - Leading Coir products manufacturers in Sri Lanka

About Us

We are coir experts and we care about our customers

With growing concern about environmental sustenance and horticulture, the use of coir products as a plant growing medium industry has proven to be of immense value in the agriculture industry moving forward. All products are derived from the coconut husk and whilst being completely biodegradable also helps provide optimum conditions for plant growing substrate.

As leading coir products manufacturers based in Sri Lanka, Boumy Lanka Pvt Ltd has been long involved in the coir product export industry; providing the highest quality coir products to our customers since 2001. With all products sourced completely from Sri Lanka, our focal areas of priority have always been quality control, reliability and accountability. Our products include coir pith or Coco peat, coconut husk chips, milled husks or fiber and various types of growing or potting mixtures. We can supply all products as bales, bricks, low compressed bags, grow bags or planter bags. A full list of products and their specifications can be found on our product page

Our range of available products are inclusive of the following

Coco peat : washed and fresh coco peat
Coconut husk chips : available in sizes 4mm , 7mm, 10 mm
Cut fiber : available in sized 10mm , 20 mm
We customize mixtures as per request by customer and all of the above products can be obtained in the form of Grow bags , Planter bags , Bales , Low compressed bags and bricks.

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Mr D. Withana graduated in the field of agriculture from the University of Ruhuna, Sri Lanka. Upon graduation, he was involved in a number of coco peat related research studies whilst working as a research officer at one of the leading research-oriented universities in the agricultural field of Sri Lanka; the University of Peradeniya. He then moved onto work as a junior research associate at the Institute of Fundamental Studies in Kandy where he acquired further knowledge and understanding on soil erosion and ecology.

With now a thorough understanding of horticulture and related elements; he then moved onto join a leading multinational corporation in Sri Lanka, which at the time was initiating coco peat exports to the European and American markets. Here he was able to utilize much of the knowledge he had acquired over the years and was one of the key company representatives involved in discussions with potential buyers from the Netherlands, specially through the provision of the relevant horticulture expertise and information needed.

Mr. Withana the owner of Boumy Lanka


Boumy Lanka (Pvt) Ltd was founded by Mr Dias Withana in the year 2001with the vision of providing quality coir products to customers with sustainability being a key focal point. Prior to starting the company, he had been fascinated by the incredibly eco-friendly and sustainable nature of coco peat and was determined to make it a household name in the horticulture industry. Since its humble beginnings, Boumy Lanka has since then moved onto achieve important landmarks whilst establishing strong trade partnerships with its customers, some which have lasted over a decade.

Primary longer-term buyers have been geographically focused around but not limited to Europe and an average of about 50-100 shipments per year have been made since inception.


Boumy Lanka is now based primarily in the factory facility located in Dangaspitiya Industrial Park, Kurunegala, Sri Lanka with head office activities taking place from the Colombo based office. Focus is being placed on broadening product ranges available, and also ensuring that the provided products are of the best quality possible. Raw material for all products manufactured in-store is sourced from carefully selected local suppliers in Sri Lanka and all product processing and manufacturing is done in-house under careful monitoring and handling conditions.